Extraordinary Flavor

“I think we need some more juice in that shot.”
Brand Engagement

Fans are obsessed.

It is our belief that if anyone simply tastes a SweeTango, it will be their favorite apple—full stop. Unless they harbor a clearly evil soul. If so, that’s not our audience.

The digital free sample.

In all seriousness, free samples are the currency of grocery store marketing. There isn’t anything quite like letting consumers decide with their tummies if something is right for them. But, in lieu of that—getting them to imagine what something tastes like is the next best thing.

Visualizing taste.

And so, it was our mission to create a pre-roll spot that walked a consumer through the sensation of the first bite of a SweeTango. The crisp crunch. The sweet burst of flavor. A slight citrus lemon-zesty zing. A hint of cinnamon. Then, finally, the realization that you’ve just tasted absolute apple perfection.

About the client

People are really obsessed—known for its crisp, sweet, and zesty flavor, SweeTango apples amass a fandom like no other. They’re found in grocery stores near you, and we work with growers to boost wholesale efforts, and also send out word to consumers about this extraordinary fruit.

For eight seasons and counting, we’ve established a brand platform that scales across regional growers, and is an intentional evolution of creative output. From retail packaging to TikTok to website and consumer and buyer marketing programs, our creative connects with audiences using consistently fresh brand design and personality.