How we work.

Potent work has its essential ingredients: ingenuity, intelligence, and dynamism, to name a few. But to really move beyond what’s expected, it’s not enough to answer today’s challenges. You have to have vision, and cultivate the talent, capabilities, and partnerships that will allow you to not only deliver value in the long run, but also define what that future looks like.

To maintain that edge and deliver tangible, lasting results for our clients, we balance the flexibility of a full-service agency with the deep expertise and diverse perspectives within our six core disciplines. So, whether you need the best industry talent available to execute on a specific vision, or you want help imagining, orchestrating, and launching complex, brand-level campaigns, you’ll have every possible resource available. We call it our Studio Model. You’ll call it a win.


Thought is their weapon of choice. Whether it's researching, crafting tone or personality, or tapping away at the technicals, our Narrative team creates a foundation for feeling that filters into everything we do. They’re here to focus assets and experiences, so you meet your audience where it’s most relevant for them, and leave them thirsty for more.  


Curiosity drives our approach, and it's the hallmark of our Development team. They’re always looking for smarter ways to tackle problems through fresh approaches to design and interactivity. They have the imaginations to make it compelling, and the chops to make it happen.


A mix of seasoned vets and hungry rising stars, our Video team combines diverse experiences and specialized knowledge to create all our videos—taking the expected and turning it on its head. From location filming to animation, they find ways to create content unlike anything else in B2B.


Sometimes, the best design is one you never notice. Our Design team creates solution-based systems for Fortune 1000 brands and beyond—extending story and strategy into inspired visual languages and accessible UX. Their design is more than art, it’s information—and they want everyone to get it.


From the get-go, they’re in the trenches. Our Strategy team pushes the needle through research, development, and planning, and they’re core to bringing your dreams (the smallest ones and the wildest ones) into reality. They’re dedicated to partnership, execution, and performance at the same time—all the time. 


There is no us without them. Our Project Management team is a sharp blade of planners, organizers, and overseers—guiding work inception to conclusion. Their superpower is seeing around corners, communicating, and collaborating to ensure even the minutiae stays on the rails.

Meet the team.

James Rice

CEO, Co-founder

Nobody wants an apologetically weak future that’s afraid to stand out. Let’s make tomorrow.

Mike Caplan

COO, Co-founder

Boston, not New York.

George Vakoutis

Senior Vice President

“Still training” for the Tour de France.

Stephen Kozik

Executive Creative Director

An old man who yells at clouds. Smooth jazz and comfortable shoe enthusiast.

Laken Wright

Design Director

Takes work seriously, but in no way takes herself seriously.

Misha Petrov

Technology Director

Will never find him in the same place. Has worked from 9 countries in the past 3 years.

Nicki O’Brien

Account Director

Embraces imperfections like a pro. Appreciates a sprinkle of chaos.

Chris Wong

Account Director

Glorified “Where’s Waldo.” An extra in (no less) than 10 Fiction Tribe videos. Can you find him?

Tobias Sugar

Creative Director

Handle with care.

Lindsey Johnson

Production Director

Believes in the saying, “The only time you fail is when you quit trying.”

Russ Meyer

Narrative Director

Getting engine grease on keyboards for 20 years.

Anna Naef

Art Director

Believes that a designer is created when an artist has a spidey sense about math.

Travis King

Media Director

Excel World Championship aficionado.

Connor Burgess

Software Developer

Skeptical of internet fads since the days of binaural beats hustles.

Tomas Muelling


More muppet than man.

Matt Ramos

Motion Designer

Was an extra in an episode of Family Matters. Don’t ask about his age.

Marco Huot

Visual Designer

Allegedly killed a creative director from adding “too much cowbell.”

Mac Woolworth


Enjoys fashion, movies, shapes, and colors.

Lianna McCurdy

Senior Writer

Ad writer since fourth grade Nancy Drew book reports.

Kalina Torino

Senior Motion Designer

Thrill-seeker that’s food-motivated.

Kajsa Forden

Project Manager

Won a gold medal at a theater festival. The scene included shouting, “You can kiss my wang!”

Hannah Huang


Finds nerdy excitement when these things work: design, new recipes, toddler pranks.

Dominique Gillis

Project Manager

A matcha-powered chaos organizer, expert in herding cats.

Brett Kimball

Senior Finance Manager

Contrary to popular assumption, does not love math.

Sean Burles

Senior Front End Developer

Fell into a well. He’s okay now.

Our space.

In Portland, Oregon, where artisanal doughnuts and craft breweries outnumber people, we have a central place to hang. Our studio is where we collaborate, create, and (occasionally) take breaks to listen to vinyl or play 80’s video games. Equipped with expendable materials and ready-to-go production hardware, it’s a great place for photo shoots and smaller-scale video productions.

Our hybrid work.

As much as we love our cozy little town, parts of our crew are spread around the globe. Some have permanent roots in other parts of the country, while others keep their batteries charged by continuously exploring other countries and cultures. This helps us keep a broader perspective, and be more flexible for our global client base that spans many time zones. It also gives us access to fantastic talent—not just in our little bank off the Willamette, but anywhere in the world.

Our extended family.

In addition to our core tribe, we also tap into an extended one. When we need a specialized expert, we have a local, trusted stable of people in lighting, prop design, wardrobe, locations—you name it. This extends out even further as Fiction Tribe is part of Tribe Global—a network of agencies around the world that lean on each other for inspiration, cultural gut-checking (what casual word in English gets translated to Thai and means something wholly not cool), and a source for trends developing outside of our country.