Runway to Innovation

“Does anyone think this looks like a video game?”
Brand Engagement

The endless expanse.

It was finally time for IBS Software to showcase its consolidated product story. For so long, it catered to its audiences with disparate messages. IBS knew its customers were tired of wandering through a desert of technology solutions and jargon. Customers were waiting for a watering hole that satiated their need for truly learning how IBS can make a difference in their businesses.

Watering the seed.

IBS is a one-stop shop—and that message had to come to life. We knew that their sales and engagement efforts would benefit from a tangible visualization of the impact their software has on industry-defined hardware, like planes or cargo. It would also benefit from an outcome-oriented narrative, language that communicated exactly what the solutions do.

An environment nurtured by limitations.

We put it all in context in a rich interactive environment—real scenes, like real airports, “the things happening”—titled the Aviation Transformation Experience (ATE). Introducing a net-new design language was pivotal for this project, and it was shaped by limitations. The illustrations had to be simple and clean to capture (what had the potential to be) complicated environments. For quick online loading, the entire environment had to be lightweight, so we leveraged a simple color palette in low poly style.

Airline audiences can now explore an all-encompassing illustration of solutions and related outcomes—the results of when IBS solutions are at the heart of their operations. Average time on site exceeds 3 minutes, and the story is a pivotal asset for events, sales calls, and webinars—a primary offer to acquire qualified leads and nurture existing relationships.

About the client

Their team is redefining travel every day. IBS Software is known for pushing forward technology initiatives in aviation, ocean cargo, hospitality, and cruise markets. From solutions that support airline crew and operations to customer-focused retail services and loyalty, IBS’ SaaS solutions power it all.